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H100i review by me (and not a good one)

Level 9
I have been using this water cooler for about a month, and lately i was having very high temps.
my CPU is the FX 8350 and i know these cpu's can produce a lot of heat, but running at 4.6ghz the temps should have been better to start with.
when i installed the h100i my cpu was oced to 4.7ghz, and the temps always seamed to high compared with other similar set-ups, so i ended up buying better fans (noctua nf-f12 and nf-f14) in push/pull but even after that i had very little improvement on temps.
I have tried all the possible set-ups from push only, pull only, push/pull, open case, closed case, more case fans, less case fans, different thermal paste and various applying methods , lapped cpu, but nothing seemed to work!

so a few days ago my cpu temp went up to 70c core running OCCT (large date set) on 4.6ghz at 1.43750v "to be precise", at room temp pf 23c.
so that was the end of line for the H100i on my rig.
I have removed the h100i and installed the stock AMD heatsink for now.

now lets go back to the h100i,
so first thing i have noticed after removal was the noise on the radiator when shaken and that was air, so obviously this is not good in a radiator and shouldn't be there on a 5 year no maintenance item.
After i decided to remove the cooling plate and that's where things started to get bad!

1st problem:
the cooling liquid it's full of debris (some white stuff) pics:


2nd problem:
the cooling plate fins on the interior, are full of that white stuff and completely clogged!
so that must be the major reason for the overheating.


3rd problem:
the cooling plate it's slightly bent.
for the intel chips this may not be a big problem since they have concave heatspreaders and thermal paste can do a better job in that situation.
with AMD chips it's a different history since they have convex heatspreaders and the h100i cooling plate being convex too, the contact area it's smaller and therefore less heat dissipation.


Corsair should have a better quality control on their products, they have some good stuff but h100i is not one of them.
as i have purchased this cooler from a not authorised dealer i can not RMA, otherwise i would have asked for my money back and forget about h100i coolers.

another thing,
if for some reason someone removes the cooling plate, don't attempt to remove the circuit board as it will brake the filaments for the water pump and the unit is then useless.
anyway the cooling plate on it's own can be removed safely for cleaning or lapping, but don't know if it will affect warranty.
Cpu- FX 8350 / mobo- crosshair v formula z / Gpu- asus gtx 770 / Psu- corsair AX760 / cooling- Phanteks PH-TC14PE / SSD- samsung 840 evo 250 GB / HDD- 2x toshiba 1T / Ram- G Skill 2x8GB 2400 mhz / case- Zalman z11 / monitor- BenQ xl2411t.

Zka17 wrote:
LOL, with 5 years warranty none of those should happen! The problem is how to check those things if you're not taking apart the system?

the thing is that people just rma the cooler and get a "new one".
i suspect that a lot of coolers may sell as new when and in fact they are refurbished as they only need a good clean and new fluid.
i don't believe that corsair just bin the returned faulty coolers if they are dirty and performing bad for that reason.
Cpu- FX 8350 / mobo- crosshair v formula z / Gpu- asus gtx 770 / Psu- corsair AX760 / cooling- Phanteks PH-TC14PE / SSD- samsung 840 evo 250 GB / HDD- 2x toshiba 1T / Ram- G Skill 2x8GB 2400 mhz / case- Zalman z11 / monitor- BenQ xl2411t.

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Lol, when i did the lapping test before ( H100), the block curved in, in the opposite direction, making a void in the center, a nice little room for the paste, no cpu mating, or very little

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yeah, the closed loop hydro coolers are pretty bad indeed, they work for 24/7 and mild OC, but are seriously overprized and noisy

Level 16
Yeah, you may be right...

Level 10
My H80i has been running since Oct 2012. I had to RMA my H80 for not working with their software. Every once in a while I'll hear a very faint high pitched noise, but not for long. Cooling is fantastic. I must be lucky. The stuff they use as antifreeze is safe for use in food, e-cigarettes and other things. I do worry that a leak could develop, although that could happen with any liquid cooling system.
Asus Maximus V Extreme BIOS 1903, see specs above avatar.

Asus G73 jh A1 laptop, BIOS 213, vBIOS OD2, 8 GB Ram, 240 GB Intel SSD, 180 GB Intel SSD. Win 7 Pro. Purchased new from in May 2010.
(both have 1920X1080 hd screens, mine above, hers below )
Asus G73 Sw XR1 laptop 8 GB Ram, 160 GB Intel SSD, 80 GB Intel SSD. Purchased used >Ebay 1/10/13, Did clean install of Windows 7

Level 7
I saw some white powder around one of the screw holes on mine, but I assumed it was primer or something to do with their coating process. Sounds like it may have been some fluid that dried? It came out of the box that way.