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GTX860M Clock speed never changes?

Level 7
Okay so recently I picked up a 2nd G750jm. At first CPU-Z and GPUTWEAK were both showing the 860m frozen at 504mhz. I updated drivers and fixed all the power/3d/nvidia settings and it's working fine - However it raised another question.

Both G750JM's are identical specs, but one has the i7-4700 and one has the 4710. Both have Maxwell 860m's. On one, the clock speed fluctuates according to activity, it will get as low as 3-400 then while playing a game bounce up to 1019 or higher. But the other is always at 1019mhz, no matter what. Idle, load, heavy/long gaming, doesn't matter it ALWAYS stays at 1019mhz.

Is this common/acceptable? I've never had any issue with the it, and between the two laptops the one stuck at 1019mhz is actually much faster in almost every way, but that could just be due to it being clean and well kept. The other one had a ton of useless programs and junk saved to it and was a lot slower.