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Graphics card help//reformatting help

Level 7
Hi everybody,

I'm currently having problems with my Asus G53SX computer. The specs are as follows:: Intel I7 2.0ghz processor (not over clocked) Nvidia GeForce 560M 2gig, 8 gig of ram.

Problems arise while playing Counter Strike:Global Offensive I'm only getting about 30-49 FPS regularly. I have spoken to many people who play CS:GO and they state that for my specs my computer is running slow. (Which it is, it is excessively lagging).

I only run with CS:GO playing and this happens, but I do not disable any background applications, such as AVG, SpyBot, excetra...

The steps that I have taken to correct this issue are:::: uninstalled drivers in safe mode, reinstalled current drivers, total rebuild of laptop (I noticed an improvement for about 30 minutes then it went back to how it was, or maybe it was just wishful thinking/mind games) Putting game on lowest settings, same symptoms.

I would like to reformat my PC but whenever I received my computer I never got the Windows 7 Home edition sent with it, therefore i do not have anything to reformat from. I heard about Ghost reformatting? but I'm unsure on how to do it or where to access the Ghost format from?

I have seen that a few people are having problems with overheating, I don't think this is my issue, due to my fans blasting while the game is playing.

I know it's a lengthy post, I'm just trying to provide everybody with a decent amount of information on the subject so others can help me diagnose the problem.

Thanks all!

Level 14
try in the laptop treads, i bet you will get faster responce there 😉

Will do, thank you