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GPU Tweak III - Problems with OC-Profile, Profile/APP-Connection and OSD profiles

Level 7

since the relatively new GPU Tweak III, I have problems with OC-Profiles and connecting Profiles with Apps/Games.
My GPU is an Asus Strix GTX 1060 OC 6GB. I'm on the newest version of Windows 10 professional x64.

A lot of time I did clean installs of GPU Tweak III and cleaned the registry of left registry keys from it. But the issues still exist.
With GPU Tweak 2 I did not have the problems.

I created my own oc-profile to overclock a little more. If I restart the app, restart the PC or shut down and start the PC anew, GPU Tweak III changes the numbers of ram-timing and/or GPU-Speed. To solve that I have to click to one of the other profiles (standart etc.) and click back to my created profile. Sometimes this also does not work and I have to restart the PC and do the 2nd step again to solve it.

The other problem is the following: If I try to connect any profile or my created profiles to an app or a game I see the app scanning for programms and then it crashes, respectively closes itself.

Those issues persist since the first version of GPU Tweak III. I hoped it would have been fixed by other versions, but till now nothing changed.

I just have recognized that user-made OSD-profiles are not working, too. Only the default one is working. User-made ones are behaving like the default one. - It does not matter wich settings I use in the user-made ones, they always act like the default one.

Hope you guys can support me to solve the issues! 🙂 (Otherwise I have to go back to GPU Tweak II).

Level 7
I have the same/similar problem. When I setup an own profile or modify the user profile, apply and save it, on next reboot it starts always with factory settings.
Also all settings are reset to factory, e.g. "Start minimized", "Apply previous settings on program startup", etc.

Before, I used GPU Tewak II without that issues. But recently that old version slowed down my PC (Win 11), especially Edge or when changing the focus to a different window, everything was stuttering for several seconds. As soon GPU Tweak II was closed, that stuttering was gone.
GPU Tweak III fixed that, but now I have that other problems. That bugs exist since the first version of GPU Tweak III and absolutely nothing has been fixed til now (actual version available is

Many people are complaining around the world and not a single fix is made. WTF?!?

ASUS, please fix that ASAP!!!