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GPU Tweak II Fan Auto-Calibration Detect Fail

Level 7
I updated GPU Tweak II to version and wish I didn't. Note to self: never update Asus software again.

Anyway. Running Auto Calibration on my Corsair ML fans that are connected to the external fan headers on my 2060 Super Strix the LEDs on the card kept on blinking like they got a seizure and after a while GPU Tweak reported "Detect Fail".

So I tried steps to fix issue:

Uninstalled GPU Tweak the normal way with the built in uninstaller. Then proceeded to remove the main folder manually. Rebooted and reinstalled the application.
Now external fans was not discovered but seemed to work with limitations after manually adding external fan control slider and same message when running calibration.

Uninstalled GPU Tweak again but this time with Revo and removed all traces that Revo could find of the application. Rebooted and reinstalled.
I did this a few times and I'm still stuck with Detect Fail when I try to use the calibration.

GeForce Game Ready driver v: 456.71
GPU Tweak version:
Asus ROG Strix 2060 Super Adv
Corsair Icue runs the RGB lighting with plugins to Armory Crate.
Connected fans to GPU: Corsair ML 120 and Corsair ML 140.

Level 7
Solved by uninstalling and power cycling the machine...