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GPU Tweak 2 Revert? (RTX 2080TI Strix OC)

Level 7
So I tried running my GPU with GPU Tweak in the system. It was a total disaster. I tried to default the whole thing but it went blue. I had to install another software to set it back to red and uninstall both after. It was also causeing my frames to severly dip.

I have to ask. How does the GPU Tweak effect the Bios of my GPU. Are all the effects temporary till it stops running and/or is uninstalled? Or does it change the bios within the gpu even when away?

Is there a way to set the GPU bios settings back to factory default of the GPU?

I'm worried I messed with something and can't fix it?

(The model in question is the Asus RTX 2080ti Strix Overclocked Edition.)