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Good SSD?

Level 7
i'm new with SSD
what do you guys thinking about this SSD?
Kingston HyperX 480GB SATA III 2.5-Inch 6.0 Gb/s Solid State Drive with SandForce Technology SH100S3/480G
Any experience?


Level 7
I've heard good of kingston 🙂 They are reputable, I personally use a 512gb Samsung 840 Pro but that is a performance model. I think kingston can get it done 🙂
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You are looking for a drive with High read and write speeds and a good IOPs transer speed.
You have a few choices at your disposal, but as a rule you should be looking for R/W speeds of 500mbs and upwards, some of the slower older drives just are not worth entertaining.

That drive meets all the criteria I would consider as a must, but just for the sake of information there is other drives that will give a slightly improved tranfer rate compared to this drive. Corsair, Adata and AngleBird to mention a few. In some cases the difference is not noticble in a real world enviroment.

You also have the option to raid0 ssd drives as 2*240 etc, which would actually give a big speed improvement over running a single 480gb ssd with the same storage space. I use ssd for their speed, not their storage as they have a limited read and write capacity and become very expensive when considering a TB and upwards. For that problem I use mechanical storage devices in a raid1 configuration for all my stored files that I would not want to loose. I find this way I am able to exploit the best of both worlds.

Level 16
Until now I used Corsair's Force GT series and Samsung's 830 and 840 series - all of them are very good and reliable... (although keeping a backup of the data on them is always a good idea)

I will say this much SSD tweaker is invaluable, I wasnt getting closed to the reported speeds in Crystal Diskmark until I got rid of the Intel RST drivers and ran ssd tweaker. Now with my drive rated at 500 MB/sec, I get 625 MB/sec. before that it was stuck at 400.

Level 7
Samsung 840 pro is a top choice. And the extreme II be sandisk is just as good.
Of course if you want the fastest look at the PCIe SSDs like ocz revo drives and a few others.
Or wait for sata express to come out and get the 840 pro now because it will supposedly get a performance boost with a firmware update.
I here the adata A110 along with a M2 edge connector is just incredible if you can get your hands on one.
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I just got a Crucial ssd 512 M500 for $329 usd.

I guess i should of got M500 960 for $536 usd but hindsight is 20/20

Here is an endurance test and it is up to 200tb writes. interesting

Level 7
thanks for the answers.
i was checking alot in internet.
Soon my new PC will be born.

see you