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GL503VM / Undervolting GTX1060M-Msi Afterburner / Undervolting CPU-Throttlestop

Level 7
So i will try to explain this to my best knowledge.

i have had this laptop since March 2018 and it gave me no issues until late 2019 when i noticed sudden fps drops while playing games and the already loud fans were even LOUDER!

I started checking forums and all to find people facing similar issues and also to look for possible solutions. Later, i found myself with softwares like msi afterburner, throttlestop, xtu, gpu-z only to find myself wanting to Undervolt to reduce cpu temps especially at Idle state.

After undervolting my cpu by -0.110 i was happy at idle, temps reduced from like 75+ to 55-65 degrees. I was happy. (This was after i undervolted using Throttlestop, i noticed some difference with XTU but not significant for some reason)

But while gaming things were not different, example - i was playing the game at 120 fps over the course of a year 2019 but i started noticing sudden fps drops later in the year. i was sad.
Msi Afterburner showed my clock gpu speeds were suddenly dropping which caused fps issues. I looked up in forums found saved profiles for gtx 1060 mobile and used it but it was still not enough. I had to cap my fps in the Nvidia control panel to see temps around 80 max for both cpu and gpu during gaming but it was at the cost of playing at 60 fps not 120.

Today, i managed to play at 120 fps again with no fps drops but the temps have gone up again. Cpu reaching around 90 which is still lower than 95 which i was experiencing in 2019. Gpu follows the cpu to around 88 max which is near its limit of 92 i think.
According to notebookcheck, GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile 1280 @ 1404 - 1670 (Boost) MHz 192 Bit @ 8000 MHz

I am not using Msi afterburner profiles anymore, i cant figure how i should undervolt the gpu so i looked up some videos and noticed the clock speed while gaming is not even reaching the base clock speed of 1404. It averages around 861mhz while gaming. Also the voltage being used is .625 which doesnt even show up on the graph in Msi Afterburner as it starts from .700 V.

Can anyone help me out with this ? i dont even know how to go about it when i cannot find .625 on the graph lol.

( I was planning to get thermals repasted too but unfortunately now, because of lockdown i cannot get it done) I am sure that is part of the issue but if things can be slightly improved a bit by undervolting i would appreciate the help!