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Git Me Lurnt! GPU Tweak

Level 7
This is regarding the issue I posted here! I believe it may be resolved by simply getting educated a bit. I have searched thoroughly myself with little luck. If you read the post via the link you will see I have plenty of experience as a hobbyist building gaming PC's for a long time. But I never got into actually serious tweaking for overclocking purposes. I have had great success letting the ASUS AI overclock my CPU and RAM over the past many years. Its to the point where I am about to go pay someone to troubleshoot this overpriced beast. And I don't feel like I should have to. I feel like ASUS support should have these answerers for me or that they should be easy to find but they are not.

Can someone please educate me on using the ASUS GPU Tweak. The GPU I have is already overclocked so a tool like GPU Tweak doesn't make sense to me but I was told it MAY help me... but IDK how its supposed to help!

Sincerely, 5k in the hole and **** dont work.

Level 7
Great! NO ONE here knows how to use the ASUS GPU Tweak... FFS wtf is the point of these forums? Just full of people complaining about ASUS products not working is all I see. No real info anywhere to be found. Just typical ASUS "brush-off's".

Hello Flux Reversal,

GPU Tweak is easy to use and overclock your ROG Strix 3080 ti.

First a question,

You say it's already overclocked, do you have any other gpu overclocking software installed?

If not, go ahead and install GPU Tweak III.

You want to use GPU Tweak III with your ROG Strix 3080 ti, by using another overclocking program, you could be missing out on certain features.

I'll install it too, be right back with some screenshots.

When overclocking your gpu two things can affect performance. If temps get too warm or you hit the power limit, clock speeds will start dropping.

So before overclocking, it's a good idea to set a fan curve. At the top right click "User Mode", under Fan, click the little pencil and it will bring up the Fan Settings page.

As an example, I have the fans set to start ramping at 50c, and fans at 100% when temp hits 80c.

Click Save once configured.


To overclock,

Max out the Power Target, you can max out the GPU voltage too, Nvidia has the voltage capped so you'll only get another .03v at 100%.

With GPU Tweak III open fire up a game, ALT+Tab out of the game and raise the GPU BOOST CLOCK one notch and click apply, ALT+Enter to return to the game and test.

If all seems good, repeat the above step until it crashes or freezes, then back off the GPU BOOST CLOCK a notch or two.

Once you find the maximum GPU Boost Clock, do the same with the memory. Raise the Memory Clock in increments of 100MHz and test, don't forget to click apply each time you make a change.

On the left side is the Monitoring tab, we want to pay attention to mainly the Maximums of the GPU Boost Clock, GPU Memory Clock and GPU Temperature.

Click the pic to make it bigger