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games crash with docp enabled

Level 7

I recently upgraded from at Tuf x570 plus wifi to the ROG Dark Hero x570 . 32gb g.Skill Ripjaw 3600mhz 4x8gb, Ryzen 9 5900x, rtx 4080. My issue here is when i enable DOCP, all games crash. I thought my oc was unstable so i put everything at auto, allowing only DOCP, and same results. Once again in bios, i disable DOCP, and enable my previous oc with DOS and PBO, and runs games flawlessly. is there any voltage settings i need to tinker with or is it my ram in general? Help please. I am currently running my system with the handicap of slow (2166Mhz) ram.


Level 9

I would say its time to tweak some timings.

-First thing would try is, vSOC at 1.1v or 1.2v (BEWARE WITH THIS VOLTAGE) Don't go over 1.3v
- Then go with "relaxing" on 1 or all the 4 main timings a bit, I had to increase CAS from 16 to 18 on a Corsair 3200 kit and tRAS too.
- Raise VDD and VDDQ to 1.4 or 1.45 if the vendor says its possible.
- Lower a bit the Speed to 3200

Also make sure you got the memory sticks installed correctly as the Board Manual says.

Good Luck