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G75VX 802.11ac Linux trouble

Level 7
Hey guys,
I am somehow confronting to an embarrassing problem, the Wireless card from Broadcom 802.11ac on the G75vx doesn't work in Linux, after some research I found out that there is no suitable driver for the card with the controller from Asus, for me Windows is just for GAMING :cool: and for office stuff, but life isn't just like this:(, I have to work and only on Linux distributions.
So if someone knows how to deal with this please help,:p
And please if someone knows if Asus is planing to provide this driver, could he tell us.

Level 7
I'm running Fedora 19, I've had kernel 3.9.x and when it upgraded to 3.10.x the wifi driver did not compile. I've had to make manual adjustments to the code to get it to work, so be careful if you upgrade.

Level 16
Any command on linux that requires root account rights needs to be precided by sudo (or use su).
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On fedora, I installed broadcom-wl from

For official broadcom support :