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G751JY; interestingly.. doesn't want to charge some USB devices

Level 7
As per title..
Specifically, a 'Jabra Sport Coach' (
Will not charge during OS running and me using it.
Once the laptop is off.. The USB port denoted to charging even when power is off to the laptop suddenly charges the device.
Looks like a software issue.. not anything physical.
Uninstalled 'ASUS USB Charger Plus' (.. due to some people floating around the net recommending to do that).. to no avail.

Anyone else had any issues similar to this ?

Level 7
I've read a few things about the USB ports on the left side of G751's being a bit dodgy and not providing the full amount of juice to devices - have you tried plugging things into the ones on the right side of your machine?
Asus ROG G751JT-T7115H
17.3" IPS, Intel i7-4720HQ, 16Gb RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX970m, 256Gb M.2 SSD + 1Tb SSHD

They all don't work.
But yes.. on that note I guess.. only the one with the lightning bolt icon (the sleep/charge port) is the one that works.. mind you.. only when OS/laptop is powered down.
I.e. Leads me to think it's a software problem. USB chipset ? I updated BIOS recently.. and turned off 'legacy' support for USB devices in BIOS.
And it's only some devices..
And not right or left bank specific.. Though the port with the sleep/charge designation is indeed on the right.