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G60VX Extreme Overclock

Level 7
I didn't know if anyone would be interested in this. But I've read many a forum posts about the difficulties in overclocking this fine, fine laptop. Many say this (and previous model) were susceptible to high temps, and poor overclocking. I am here to tell you with addition to the well known mods (opening up the fake vent, forcing fans to high speed), there IS a way to overclock this beast to ultra levels!

First off, let me state the upgrades in hardware I have made:
Model: Asus G60VX-RBBX05 (BestBuy Model)
CPU: T9400 @ 2.53GHz
HDD's: 1x Edge Boost 240GB SSD; 1x HTGS 500GB 7200RPM 6GBs SATA HDD
RAM: 2x 2GB Hyundai 400MHz

Here are the major things that need to be done to achieve high overclocks with low or stable temps:

1.) Perform the Vent Mod - This goes without saying; opening it up provides a boost of airflow for your machine, and this is the first essential mod to be done!

2.) Force Fans to High Speeds - This is not absolutely required, as I am running my overclocks now without it. However, for higher overclocks of the GPU and CPU, and keeping the hardware cooler for longer life, this is a useful mod to do. (If you can even call it a 'mod') Download 'RW - Everything', and perform the steps mentioned here:

3.) Good Thermal Paste - Obviously, any worthy overclocker knows that good thermal paste can make magical things happen with thermal efficiency. I recommend Arctic Silver 5, but for the daring I used Coolaboratory Liquid Ultra, which seems to drop the temps even lower!

4.) Copper, Copper, Copper - One would be surprised at how much space is actually located under the access panel on this thing! I managed to get a punch of copper piping and plates off of old laptops heat sinks and desktop heat sinks. I ran all the copper piping from GPU to CPU, adding a layer on the sides of the GPU piping already in place, and piping leading in front of the fan, creating a circuit and having it recieve air from the inlet and outlet of the fan. I also made custom RAM covers, and even used thermal paste to connect these to eachother and the rest of the copper piping. I believe this disperses the heat so well that its easier for the fan to pull out the lowered heat produced. Like I said, I put everything in a loop, versus CPU to fan and GPU to fan.

With this setup I was able to achieve some major overclocks, reaching on par with a friends Dell XPS M1730, who was quite upset because he gave me this laptop cheap because he wanted an upgrade. 😜

I was Able to overclock thus far:

CPU: T9400 @ 2.53GHz to 3.2GHz
RAM: 4GB (Total) Hyundai 400MHz to 480MHz (Could probably go further)
GPU: GTX 260M Clock 500MHz to 610MHz; Shader 1200MHz to 1525MHz (Could go further, but wanted it stable)
CPU-Z Info:

This gave me WEI scores of: 6.6; 6.6; 6.8; 6.8; 7.6 (Respectively)

Once you have done the mods, this is my perferred method of Overclocking:

GPU: Use MSI Afterburner; I have tried various overclocking tools, all of which gave somewhat false readings or caused my system to lock up. Could never get nVidia Performance Tools to work on any driver or version of tools.

CPU: Use SetFSB; Use PLL 'ICS9LPR363DGLF', I have tried others mentioned, but this was the most accurate, by far. Go up in small increments, and watch your temps using CPUID HWMonitor.

Before overclocking, I noticed CPU idle temps of 28C to 30C, and GPU Idle of around 42C to 45C. This beats the horrid 70C to 80C Idle temps these cards are known for.

With my overclocks applied, with no fan speed mod; CPU idle is 42C, and GPU is at 61C (at time of writing)

With fan speed mod; CPU idle is 36C, and GPU is at 51C

I hope this helps anyone else out there with this model laptop. It is the best laptop I could have hoped to ever own, and see no reason to upgrade to a newer one anytime soon! Buy ASUS, it is the best, don't settle for anything else.

(Note: Sometime performing the fan speed mod, I have noticed sometimes the CPU will enter a low power state mode and downclock to the lowest multiplier. I am not sure if you will experience the same thing, but keep note of this. And As previously stated, after applying all that copper, I've no longer needed to use the fan mod. If you experience this, may only be feasible to use it in conjustion with a higher GPU mod and stock CPU clocks.)


Level 7
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Great post man! Gonna give this a shot when my new processor comes in the mail 🙂