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G551JM - Elantech Touchpad

Level 7
Hi there. I just recently got my G551, I love how it built, apart from a couple of things. One being the keyboard, the powerbutton is stupidly placed, same with the arrow keys. The other annoying thing being the touchpad, its floaty, mushy and the buttons are a part of the touchpad area.
So, what I would love to have is the ability to disable parts of the touchpad, say where the mousebuttons are located so I don't move the mouse when I try to push the leftmousebutton.

Had the touchpad driver been Synaptics driver, then that could have been done by using the drivers control center. But since its Elantech, then we're stuck with no ability to really change anything significant. I had to install a newer driver to be able to even access any form of a control center (even then I had to go into the drivers install folder to access it). I do not count the Asus Smart Gesture as a control center, because it lacks any really useful options, such as Palmdetection, touchsensitivity, the ability to set the touch area of use, set more advanced scroll options, and even some sensory views.

Again, I'll state the purpose of this post; A more advanced driver is needed!
I want a way to disable parts of the touchpad, and more advanced options.

Thanks, and have fun.

PS: I don't know if I've posted this in the wrong section.