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G53sw RMA questions Broken keyboard

Level 7
Well it happened was playing quake live at a lan my friend rages throws his mouse hits a cup, cup falls over and spills all over my keyboard =[ I was quick to unplug it and take the battery out. So my laptop is fine I just have sticky keys

so recently trying to get rid of the stickyness I wipe my keyboard down with a lysol wipe and I assume some liquid got in the right spot that breaks it Icant belive that breaks itconsidering a full glass of orange juice spilled on it It was literally pouring out I believe the g53sw comes with accidental warrenty I submitted a RMA.

But my real question is. When I send them my laptop will they send me a refurbished unit or repair mine and send it back. Its really only a matter of replacing the keyboard I already took it out and the liquid only got into the keyboard no where else it's set up using wireles kb and mouse the computer is fine.

I am trying to see if they will send me just the keyboard I need 04GNV33KUS03-3 Instead of sending them m pc and be without it as im in school and need it, I have customized my laptop and have gotten attached to it lol.

Level 18
PM Mason@Asus with any rma numbers or incident no.'s ect...
he may be able to point you in the right direction...

Level 16
Since you took it apart, the warranty may be already gone... Why just not buying a replacement keyboard?

Zka17 wrote:
Since you took it apart, the warranty may be already gone... Why just not buying a replacement keyboard?

I thought as much I also reformatted it with backtrack 5 and win7 ultimate and thought that might void the warranty as well. Just trying to get a free replacement kb I noticed they were on sale but as a broke college student 65 bucks + shipping isn't that cheap.

I figured it would be a long shot that they would send me just the keyboard but Asus would be the best company ever if they could

I'll try Pming Mason and see what he says

Level 16
I see, good luck!

Level 7
I thought these machines come with a accidental coverage. I also thought that you are allowed to take certain parts of them apart before you actually void your warranty.

If thats the case I will not be trying to mod my back light. Also is there a way to check how much time you have left based on the serial number. I Have the purchase date and where it was purchased from.

Level 10
@Frostedflames, you have to register for accidental damage protection. certain SKUs of the G53Sw model don't qualify for ADP, e.g., i believe best buy models don't usually qualify for ADP but if you purchased from amazon, newegg, tigerdirect, etc. then it should qualify. you can register for ADP at

@hazard99, If you give me the serial number then I can check out when your warranty period runs out.