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G.Skill 24GB DDR3 kit at 2000 MHZ C8

Level 9
G.Skill launched a 24GB triple channel memory kit, 4GBx6 with a supported clock frequency of 2000 Mhz at Cas Latency 8. And it only uses 1.65 Volts.

G.Skill previously demonstrated 24GB of DDR3 at 2,000MHz CL9 during Computex 2010 earlier this month, but has again managed to push the boundaries. This super capacity kit has already attracted a large number of extreme gamers and professional users who expect higher memory capacity can improve their PC performance. G.Skill has successfully provided 24GB (4GBx6) at 2,000MHz CL8 to another high-end boundary, making it the absolute ultimate choice for the extreme users.

G.Skill’s 24GB kits are specifically produced to provide not only cutting edge performance but also top quality and compatibility across a range of popular motherboards designed for gaming, high-end workstations, hardcore power users and anyone who loves living on the cutting-edge!

G.Skill forgot to include the pricing in the press release though 🙂


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we used g skill memory for the xtreme design contest. they were damn fast!

Level 9
Yea. If they price it right for this kit. It's going to sell great. But I doubt it