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First time overclocking.

Level 7
I have always built my PC's so that if I need the extra horsepower I can tap into the world of overclocking. Up till now I havent been bothered so I thought I would give it ago.

My Gaming PC specs are in my profile but they are as follows in any case.

ROG Maximus VIII Hero
7700k Delid
16GB of G.Skill Ram F4-3200C16-8GTZB
Corsair RM 850i
Custom Loop 2 x 360mm rads.

After trying a modest OC of 4.8 at 1.25v stable I thought I would push it a little more and try 4.9 which was rather easy to get. I increased the voltage to 1.26 but had a system lock so increased the voltage to 1.27.

Ran Realbench stress test and have no issues.

Temps look ok with realbench reporting a Max temp of 60c however 95% of the time it sat on about 55-56c.

So I have a stupid question....

What now?

I have done a little bit of reading on LLC but to be honest with you cant get my head around it no matter how many videos I watch.
Currently it is set to auto.

CPU Cache is set to auto as well and reports back as being 4.2 so do I need to set a min/max?

And once I have finished fine tuning the voltages on the CPU, is it recommended to set it to adaptive?

If so what adaptive voltage should I give it?

Thanks in advance.

Super Moderator
Have a read here before experimenting further:
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

As far as LLC it helps regulate the voltage jumps to a smooth transition instead of large spikes in voltage before it evens out. Without proper LLC it will effect temp and efficiency. Leave on auto if you are unsure. Research motherboard. Typicly middle number of whatever range is avaliable is what you want to set. But some mobos are fine on auto