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First OC help please :)

Level 7
- i7 8700k
- Rog Maximus X hero
-G.Skill flare 3200 mHz 14 CL
- Asus 1080 ti strix
-NH D15
-EVGA 850 G2

Hey everyone!

I tried der8auer OC guide and noticed something not right with my build. First, the annoying double boot bothers me to no end. It starts up and flickers the RGBs and goes back to boot again with my fans on high. I literally have to hard reset to get it back to normal speeds but I don't want to keep doing that. And if I don't reset it guaranteed to freeze on me shortly.

Second, I noticed when my pc is idle 15 mininutes-ish, or even sometimes at random, it locks my mouse/keryboard and I have to hard reset to get out.

I think my culprits are using XMP, disabling CPU SVID support, and enabling ErP Ready S5 ( I guess I can live with mobo RGB's on at night.. )

If anyone can give a noob a hand that would be appreciated 🙂

Edit: I can't even get Realbench to run as I click the .exe after extracting it and it freezes my pc

In Idle
I switched back to Optimized Default as I wanted a fresh start (Realbench still won't load)

feedmeink wrote:
just bump up the voltage to the CPU and imc a little to make up the difference

Heh...OCing has certainly evolved to be pretty simple these days...that about sums it up!

I kind of got the impression from OPs last post he had sorted his issue...might be wrong though...:o

Could be useful for other as well. Cheers!