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Fast download/upload speeds on tests vs slow steam downloads

Level 7

So I have a 2021 Strix Scar 15 and I've noticed the download speeds on steam aren't what I'd expect. I've done multiple speed tests, changed network settings/limits every time I've done a speed test (at least a dozen) it's come around 550mb/s for the download speed, and around 106mb/s for the upload speed. when I download a game from steam I cap out about 60-80mb/s. I have all the latest drivers, changed steam settings like region. In the exact same spot on the same wifi with my 2021 Strix G15 (G513IC-DS71-CA) I get anywhere from 250-550mb/s on steam downloads. curious if anyone has any other ideas/similar problems or if this is a known problem with the scar 15 or maybe even that's just how it's made? 

Thanks in advance.