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Error code 50 help

Level 7
I have a Crosshair V Formula Z and I just completed my first build and went to boot and found that it did not go into UEFI and the Q-Code 50 popped up. My memory is 100% compatible. Any thoughts... Please...

Level 40
Best to list details so people can help you better...what RAM etc. That is a Memory related code have you checked all your connections etc to make sure they are have all the ATX connections populated with the correct cables.

Is the CPU seated well?

Is the RAM on the correct slots and seated properly.

Basically go over the build and make sure all the components are seated well...making good contact. Try one stick of RAM on recommended slot...remove all unnecessary peripheral connections...disconnect all unnecessary drives...

Level 13
Hi! The code 50 is memory related. Mostly timings, frequency or voltage. Lke Arne said check the stuff all, and in bios check that dram is all on auto. So no xmp profile etc.

Level 10
Also, try clearing the CMOS.
Motherboard: RIVE (3602 bios)
CPU: Intel 3930K @4646MHz
OS Drive: 2 X Samsung 840 PRO (Raid 0)
Storage Drive: 2 X 1.5TB WD Caviar Black RAID 0, 2 X 3TB WD Caviar Red, Kingston V100 256GB SSD
Memory: 64GB G.SKILL Ripjaws Z (F3-12800CL10Q2-64GBZL)
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX580 @795MHz - 1536MB GDDR5
Cooling: Phantek PH-TC14PE
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64. (EUFI)

Ram was not pushed in all the way...... Thanks for the help guys

Level 7
Yah sorry about not posting specs but here they are
Crosshair V Formula Z
AMD FX 8350
G.Skill Sniper 4GB DDR3 (x2)
AMD R9 Radeon
Corsair 850 PSU
Hyper.X 120 GB SSD

Now If my CPU was not seated well before, it is now and my ram is 100% compatible with this board. I realized my VGA.LED is on also for the Q lights. Error code 50 also on

Level 40
Hmm.... do you have any way of testing the GPU in another system? Have you removed and reseated it to check it is in interference with

I am presuming it is powered correctly etc. and your board has all power connections plugged in OK...

Did you try single stick of RAM...the suggestions above...let people know what you have tried...

Level 7
Just me being stupid. The ram clicks then latches in on both sides but I was too delicate with it. I appreciate all the help and sorry for wasting time

Level 40
Cool...always best when it's a simple aren't the first and wont be the last to miss the latching...:D