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EK predator 360 leaking

Level 7
I got EK predator 360 this month. And I found liquid on R5E and my graphic card today when I replacing my PSU. Then I checked CPU cover and it was leaking slowly. There is a huge bubble inside the cpu cover.

Is there any one get the same problem?
I have send this problem to EK still waiting response.

Hello kaaala

Yikes :eek: , that's never a good thing and good you caught it, if there is no damage done you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

If it's not leaking at the tubing then it's leaking from the seal inside. If you are able to take the water block apart check to make sure the rubber seal is in place.

something horrible now.
I got 00 on my R5E and CPU init on OC panel.
Dont know whats wrong

Oh no that is not a good sign and is more than likely the motherboard or cpu and I bet you have no display now either correct? If not you might want to disassemble it and inspect the motherboard, cpu and gpu. I'm not sure what coolant is in the EK predator but if it's just distilled water you could use a hair dryer on them.

If the motherboard and/or gpu is damaged I don't know if EK will cover that or not, you'll have to get with them on that andsee what they say. They are a good company and might cover the damage if you can't get it working but again I'm not 100% sure on that, I got my fingers crossed.

You'll hear from them within 24hrs.

thx a lot!
I have another R5E and I will try that one to check my cpu and gpu
If this R5E is damaged, EK may cover this according to their warranty.
Hope my CPU is still alive.

Level 10
I think it's time to companies who produce coolant show up with some solution completely harmless for electronic.
AIO systems are good because mostly people can notice chemical smell and to react very fast when less than 0.5ml leak and than chances for damage are much less. With re-distilled water you will not notice before liquid destroy something.

Oh great yep that's exactly what I would do , only use another cpu cooler for now.

Yeah that bites that happened but having a back up board saves the day. 😄

If they cover the damage due to a defect in their product (which any good company should) then no worries they will take care of you. 🙂

Level 7
Some how, the old R5E is working again.
It seems like some parts get shortcut.
Whatever, I'll use another R5E for a while and check this old one.

Level 7
OMG see what I found54199

Yeah try your cpu in your other motherboard and see if everything is ok, it's likely just the motherboard is damaged.

Use a different cpu cooler.