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DX12 Time Spy Benchmark Thread

Super Moderator
3DMark Time Spy Benchmark Thread

Many games now offer support for DX12 in one way or another. One of the most talked about features within the last two years has been Asynchronous Compute, which TimeSpy implements heavily.

The term Async Compute has become a coined marketing phrase, encompassing DX12 and its granular control of queues and command lists for execution in parallel. With Turing, independent integer and floating-point calculations result in a large boost to performance using these parallel workloads, so now is a good time to compare with previous generations of GPU to see how things stack up.

Future Ray Tracing Support

Raytracing is not a new technique, but until recently it has been too computationally demanding to use in real-time games.
With modern GPUs, it's now possible to use rasterization for most of the rendering and a smaller amount of raytracing to enhance shadows, reflections, and other effects that are difficult to achieve with traditional techniques.
Our DXR tech demo runs in real-time on a single current-generation GPU. As it builds on existing methods, it was relatively easy to implement into our DirectX 12 game engine.
We are proud to be one of the first developers chosen to work with DirectX Raytracing and excited about the opportunities for this new API.
We are happy to announce that we will be using DirectX Raytracing in a new 3DMark benchmark test that we hope to release towards the end of the year.

Submit your score

The rules are simple, please post your a link to your validated 3DMark Score along with the following information:

Standard or Extreme Test
CPU - Model & Overclock
GPU - Model and Boost Clock
Driver Version
Validated 3DMark URL & screenshot
Optional - Memory Speed & Timings

7900X @ 4.7---1080Ti Strix OC @ 2025MHz---4000MHZ----16-17-17-41 1T
Time Spy Standard
Driver 411.63

Time Spy Standard - 1 GPU

1. DooRules----18280---7980XE @ 5.1GHz----2080Ti @ 2130MHz/2050MHz---4000MHz---16-17-16-36-1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver *---Link

2. CN7----17752---7960X @ 5.3GHz----2080Ti @ 2235MHz/8000MHz---4000MHz---15-16-15-35-1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver *---Link

3. Silent Scone----16207---7900X @ 4.7GHz----2080Ti @ 2130MHz/8000MHz---4000MHz---16-16-16-41-1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 411.70---Link

4. Rob W.----15870---7980XE @ 4.9 GHZ----TITAN V @ 2137MHz/1030MHz---3600MHZ --- *---Time Spy Standard---Driver 416.16---Link

5. Menthol----14955---8700K @ 5.3 GHZ----2080Ti @ 2040MHz/7700MHz---4266MHZ --- 17-18-18-38 1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 411.63---Link

6. ThrashZone----11639---7900X @ 4.5 GHZ----Titan Xp @ 2050MHz/1628MHz---3200MHZ --- 16-18-18-38 2T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 416.16---Link

7. Eclipt ----11192---9700K @ 4.9 GHZ----2080 Strix OC @ 2070MHz/7450MHz---3200MHZ --- 16-18-18-36 2T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 416.---Link

8. tunc8686----10588---8700K @ 5.2 GHZ---- Strix 1080Ti OC @1790MHz/*MHz---3300MHZ --- 16-18-18-36 2T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 411.70---Link

9. ThrashZone----10498---5930K @ 4.6 GHZ----1080Ti ftw3 @ 2050MHz/1621MHz---3200MHZ --- 14-14-14-34 1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 397.64---Link

10. Nate152----10445---7700K @ 5.2 GHZ----TITAN Xp @ 2038MHz1628MHz---300MHZ --- 15-15-15-35 1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 399.64---Link

11. JPMBoy----8465---8086K @ 5.2 GHZ----1070Ti @ 2100MHz/2250MHz---3200MHZ --- 16-16-16-38 1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 399.24---Link

12. x-rated----7386---9900K @ 5.0GHZ----2080Ti @ 2190/1945MHz---4200MHZ --- 18-18-18-36 2T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 417.71---Link

Time Spy - 2 GPU

1. JustinThyme----23257---9940X @ 4.8 --- 2080Ti Strix OC @ 2085MHz/1170MHz--- 38000MHz 19-19-19-39 2T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 391.35---Link

Time Spy Extreme- 1 GPU

1. JPMBoy----8464---7980XE @ 4.8 --- Titan V @ 2092MHz/1067MHz--- 4000MHz 16-17-17 1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 391.35---Link
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 7

Level 10
Hello, here is mine,

leghmoh----13229---Intel I9 10940X @ 4.6 --- EVGA 2080Ti Black Edition @ 2055MHz/2000MHz--- 3600MHz 16-18-18-36 2T---Time Spy Extreme---Driver 445.75--- Link


Level 11
9900k @ 5Ghz......32 GB 3200 Mhz Dominator Platinums...MXIE.... 1080Ti SLI @ 2050 Mhz....

Timespy 18,252

Level 10
JeffLo----42598---5950x @ 5.049GHz----3090 @ 2175MHz/20014MHz---3800MHz---14-15-14-28-1T---Time Spy Standard---Driver 466.47


9900K @ 5.2 Ghz for all I believe....been a long time since I've lurked in these haunts...

These were all on 1502 BIOS......since updating to 1903 all has gone downhill substantially.

I absolutely DO NOT believe in updating FW on the Mobo "just because" if everything is working great....BUT of course with W11 and Resize Bar I felt compelled.....


10900k 5.1 ghz

rtx 3080 ti oc 100 core 900 memory

Level 11
Just got this Z690 put together on my bench.....will be moving into my 900D with large custom loop.

GPU OC +180 / +1175

12900K is completely stock other than XMP I enabled.

Level 11

Time Spy 35927 with 14700K in ROG z790i