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Dual Intelligent Processors 5 to OC 8600K some help please

Level 7
Having watched a very talkative Finnish (?) guy on YouTube explain how he OC'd his 8600K on a Z370 TUF Pro and talk about the AI Suite's OC utility, I decided to use that utility on my 8600K and Strix Z370F Gaming. I left the Voltage and Temp values untouched and put the slider at 5GHz. After the process was complete my 8600K is running supposedly at 4.9 Ghz but CPU-Z shows 4700. The CPU-Z Tools/Clocks button gives me a screen showing the CPU fluctuating between 4700 and 4900. When I run Prime95 Blend Test the CPU speed as shown by CPU-Z is 4300 MHz. Is this normal? Is it not supposed to be a fixed value?

Is there a thread to show step by step how to OC an 8600K manually or using the AI Suite? This is all very new to me.


Late edit. I actually got worse Cinebench scores after overclocking! Maybe I should uninstall the AI Suite and reset everything to default using BIOS then start over.