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disappearing M.2 drive

Level 7
Prime x399-a with a Threadripper 2950x and 128 GB of 2666 RAM. NVMe M.2 boot drive and 2 TB SATA SSD for data.

With an untouched BIOS, everything boots up fine. Windows installs and runs just fine.

Either set the tuner to DOCP or the memory popup menu to Profile #1 (why does it have such a generic name?), reboot and it boots back into the bios. This happened a few times until I noticed that m.2 drive has gone MIA.

Reset the BIOS to defaults and M.2 drive reappears and everything is as it was.

So it seems that altering the memory profile makes the M.2 drive disappear. What's causing this?

Level 7
add nvme driver and intel sata ACHI controller driver
Intel i5 7200U_ Nvidia 940MX _Windows_11_Enterprise_64bit_22H2_buildno_22621.754

The drive disappears from the BIOS!

mauricev wrote:
The drive disappears from the BIOS!

O.K Can you tell me the following.
Bios Rev.
Power Supply Rating.
Cards in PCIe Slots
Which M2 Slot you have the drive in, and what manufacturer and model the M2 is?
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Zenith Extreme Alpha/64G/2950x , X399 Prime A/32G/1900X
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BIOS version 0808 x64, date 10/12/2018
Power supply is 750 watts
There is a Geforce 2080 in the first PCIe slot
Drive is in the M.2_1 slot (the horizontal slot)
M.2 drive is Crucial MX500 250GB.

ASUS tech support is trying to tell me that the drive is telling the BIOS that it won't support the DOCP profile. Does that make sense? Why would the drive care about the speed of the RAM?

Level 11
I don't have that MB, but I resolved this problem by going to BIOS Boot menu and turning off CSM Module. You might check to see if yours is on and if so try changing.