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Ddr5 issues with xmp on z690 with all bios

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Hello everybody
I bought few days before STRIX Z690-G with 12600k with 2x8GB KINGSTON DDR5 KF560C40BBK2-16 that is on QVL list(6000mhz CL 40-40-40-80 1,35v)
First of all im running the 12600k at stock settings with windows 10 pro 64 bit.
After a lot of tries with different bios my PC its not boot with the XMP II either with XMP I at reference speed that is 6000mhz.
I have the option to run the ram at 4800mhz and 5600mhz with XMP II that with those frequencys my PC finally post.
I hoped today with the new bios 1505 that ASUS fix this issue but still nothing...
The weird thing is that when i choosing XMP I at 6000mhz and change IVR transmitter VDDQ voltage at 1,40v ,DRAM vdd votlage 1,40v ,DRAM vddq voltage 1,40v and the memory controler voltage for 1,30v to 1,35v my PC post without issue and i can also pass memtest with success! but im geting freeze on some app and games and with windows 11 pro the crashes is worst that windows 10.Strange...(my memory dump show the cause from memory)
But why with XMP II its not posting at 6000mhz and posting at 5600mhz and 4800mhz?(at those speeds im passing also memtest 2 times)
Guys please i just want to run my memory at the speed that i paid to have without change nothing with XMP II that is factory settings..?
Please assist me..
Thank you.

Level 7
Memory controller voltage is on auto so its going to 1.30 by itself, clamp it to 1.25
set VDDQ and VDD to 1.35
set system agent voltage to offset and don't set an offset value, auto sets it at 1.25 unnecessarily.

Super Moderator

Instead of testing with Memtest86, use Karhu Ramtest. It's an invaluable tool in my opinion.

As 6000MT is the maximum validated ratio for the STRIX Z690-G, you may need to take some more time to dial things in. I normally recommend opting for a memory kit one or two notches below the maximum validation for plug and play.

If the system is hanging, try tuning the CPU System Agent Voltage. Values between 0.95 and 1.15v. These are signal rails, so needs to be done methodically, more voltage is not necessarily better and varies depends on the memory kit and CPU.
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