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Dark Hero 5950x single core performance wall

Level 7
I already spent 3 weeks tuning curve optimizer
search for other people performance and settings

it does not mater how much i try my maximum cpuz single is 665 with Fmax disable
it does not boost beyond 5000mhz

if i enable Fmax it is unstable

i do have my memory tunned on zen timmings and all the power settings to the optimal settings

i get the same results setting the overclock to Auto or Curve optimizer to negative 10-6-15-20-20-6-6-7-20-10-20-15-20-20-20-20
i tunned my cores using clock cycler to make sure that i am on my optimal curve stable

i saw many other people getting 680 685 on cpu z on single thread

If anyone have tips how to increase my single thread performance it will be much appreciated

My setup
ryzen 9 5950x
asus dark hero bios 3501 agesa
nvidia rtx 3090
4x 8gb G.skill 3800 cl14
EKWB Crosshair monoblock
EKWB vga waterblock
EKWB D5 pump
3x 360mm radiators

Super Moderator
A number of items can have an impact on the single threaded performance depending on the workload.

BIOS and AGESA revision
Memory latency
Silicon quality
Fabric Clock
BIOS CPU configuration
You can try disabling FMAX Enhancer and Performance Optimiser. Set PBO to enabled and Max CPU Boost Clock to 200MHz
13900KS / 8200MT CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Bios is 3501
Fabric clock 1900
memory clock 3800
1 to 1

i am getting 55ns on Aida64
pretty confident that my memory is optimized

the funny fact that last night i flashback the bios to 2601 and at default setting i get 5050mhz easy

i will try the bios settings that you suggest and i post the results

Super Moderator
UEFI 2601 contains AGESA Patch C. Boost behaviour between AGESA builds may vary.
13900KS / 8200MT CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 10
we have the same setup
ryzen 9 5950x
asus dark hero bios 3501 agesa
rtx 3090
4x 8gb G.skill 3800 cl14
i havent fully tweak this yet, only thing i did now is docp then pbo2
tdc =100
edc = 100
no boost clock yet 0mhz
then i se fclk to 1900
then tune my curve 4 best core negative 20 and the rest on negative 30
cpuz is at 691 to 698
still new to amd so im reading on other tweaks to optimise

that sounds promising

what is your digi+ settings for the cpu?
like load line calibration etc

this settings got me way better on cpuz ... 692 - 695

i am refining the curve using corecycler to find the curve

the stronger cores require less negative curve

as i am tunning thoses it seems to get better score and better stability
i am using llc auto cpu auto on the digi+