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Crosshair VIII Safe boot broken

Level 8
Safe boot button doesnt work if you stuck in bootloop, i.e. when dialing timings.

Is it amd boot procedure? Is it gonna to be fixed?*

Nate152 wrote:
My ROG Maximus IX Code has the safe boot button, but I never used it and I'm an overclocker too. When things get unstable, I go to the Clear Cmos button and try again from the settings that were stable.

So, from what you're saying, the button itself isn't faulty as it triggers a boot. Since I never used the safe boot button, what we need to figure out is if it's working like it should.

Let's not give the safe boot button a bad cookie just yet as it could be normal procedure.

A little clue you gave is, it only works when the pc is powered off. What happens when you get into a boot loop, press and hold the power button to shut down, then hit the safe boot button, boot to the bios and "check my settings".

Does it keep the settings or go back to defaults?

yea, actually that’sÂ*safe boot there so you don’t CLRCMOS every time you hit bootloop. And I also have maximus, and safe boot works just as it should - rebooting with stock applied and my OC settings saved for further experiments.Â*

Yes, it only works when pc is off. If I get into a boot loop or ram init stuck (yellow qled), pushing safe boot button does nothing - reboot, stuck at ram init again. Especially annoying when you dial two or more timings, and you don’t want to save uefi profile every time.Â*

Yeah, and it doesn’t work if you shutdown after fail to post and before you try to safe boot once more either.Â*