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Crosshair V Formula-Z + Corsair Vengeance 32gb kit. DDR3 detected as 1333mhz?

Level 7
I also hacve an AMD FX 8350.

Problem is. I switched out 8 gigs of G-skill DDR3 1333 for this. And the 32gb Vengeance kit is being detected as the same, instead of 2133 as advertised. Also, when I booted up my PC. I went to open up Google Chrome, and my screen went sky blue, no cursor, no error. Just a frozen sky blue.

On a side note, I don't like to overclock my builds really, Usually the norm is good enough for me. But what gives with the RAM detection? I have everything set to auto. I don't know if I should force it to 2133..

Level 7
btw i got the same ram as u the same cpu as u and the same motherbord as u sweet setup 🙂 only difrence is i got 16 u got 32 🙂 and since its vengances it defentily says life time warranty so ur safe 🙂

i had the same ting when i did buy mine mine ar 2133 XMP what u do is were it says AI tuner and then u pick D.O.C.P.
and then u put it on XMP the xmp is factory clock and most ram i says life time warranty on the box

Level 13
With the memory speed set to auto it is correct at 1333MHz as it is booting from the values of the SPD. For a different speed you will need to manually set the speed or do as Serenity wrote above. If you don't like to overclock run the memory at 1866Mhz as anything faster is an overclock.