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Crosshair V Formula Z code error 00

Level 7
Hi, I have a problem with my motherboard.
When I start my computer, stay on main screen and unresponsive.
Try entering BIOS setup but does not work.

I have the following configuration.

Mother asus crosshair v formula z
Micro FX 9590 x8
RAM 2 Gskill x 8 Gb 2400 Mhz
Font SharkNet 800W
Cooler Cpu Corsair Hydro H100i Water Cooling
1 SSD PNY 240Gb
2 HDD Samsung 1Tb
1 HDD Seagate Barracuda 500Gb

I need your help, do not know what may be happening
Sorry for my English I am using Google Translate. :cool:

Level 40
Hi xXNikoXx,

I'm not much good with AMD stuff but until the guys who are get here...I'll have to do

Is this a new computer?

Can I ask if you have checked all the power connections are seated properly....24 pin atx 8pin atx and 4pin atx....all fully populated and seated well?

Maybe start off with only one stick of RAM in the correct slot...

Make sure the H100 is setup correctly and connected to CPU fan header...

Level 7
Hi Arne Saknussemm,

Everything is connected correctly leave the computer off a whole day and then reconnect and start smoothly. Maybe it was some BIOS problem and to be disconnected without power was automatically repair.

Thank you very much for your interest in trying to solve my problem.


Level 40
OK cool! Yes, if you leave it without power the board resets the a clear CMOS and can solve some problems. All good!:)