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Crazy auto overclock numbers

Level 7
I wanted to see what the automatic Overclock in Dual Intelegent Processors 5 showed would be my maximum OC on my 8700k in my Maximus X Formula.
I usually run all 6 cores at around 5Ghz for gaming and daily usage. But last night the program went crazy (and I stopped it because I was getting nervous).
I was showing 7GHz on 1 core, 69, 68, 45, 44, 43 on the rest. My rig is water cooled, and I didntd run any long stress tests in it, but I am sure it would have failed eventually.
My concern is that the PC kept upping the OC and didn't seem to want to stop

My Rig:
8700K (Dec 17)
Maximus X Formula
Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 3466
NZXT H700i case with smart hub
H150i 360mm Rad
Various Corsair 3xSP (on cooler) and 3x HD120 fans, 140mm NZXT case fan (rear)
2x Sansung EVO 960 500GB NVMe drives in Raid 0, 2x Samsung 860 SSD (backups and transfers)
Gigabyte GTX 1080ti OC Gaming 11GB


Level 12
On my maximus viii extreme when I used it, it took it to 5 ghz ( i7 6700k) *and it was still wanting to clock higher, so did the same and stopped it.
It seems to go crazey without reason, so never use it at all now and do it manually.*:)