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CPU Temperature too high?!

Level 7

Since last Friday my CPU temperature has increased slightly (3-5°~ +) and now when I'm playing games with best quality settings it reaches 70° C.
I've changed the thermal compound and tried to remove as much dust as possible from the cpu fan, but no temerapture change at all.
(PS: without overclocking!)

My PC : ASUS ROG CG8480-DE003S
CPU: intel i7 3770k 3.5GHz

Is the temperature too high?
How can I sink my CPU heat?
You know any better CPU cooling system that fit into my PC?

i'm looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Hello reidom1994, Welcome to the ROG forum.

The 3-5 degree increase in cpu temp might be due to a rise in ambient temp. It could be a particular game too as some games use the cpu more than other games.
70c is fine. I wouldn't worry until you hit 80c.

There are a lot of all in one liquid cpu coolers to choose from. I don't think you would be able to fit a radiator at the top of your case but you could fit a smaller all in one cooler like the corsair h90 where the exhaust fan mounts.

What are temps when you overclock it to 4.2 GHz?

Level 7
Think my room temperature has increased +1° and I'm playing the same game all the time + a lot of Google Chrome Tabs / live streams open, never went above 65° ~
and now it goes above 70° with just the game open, even when I'm closing all other open tasks like skype and so on.

These water cooling systems (their fan) seems to be really big, I don't know if they fit into my case.
And another problem i don't like: It seems there are two ways to mount these water coolers:
#1: blow air from inside to the outside (but doesn't it heat up the cooling system ?)
#2: blow air from outside to the inside (cooling the cooling system but heat won't get suck out of the case)

My best opinion would be to have one fan to suck heat out of the case and the water cooling system to suck air inside the case(and cool the water system), but I think i don't have enough space for this option ._. .
Maybe i'm wrong because I never had a CPU water cooler.

I can't test my PC with 4.2 GHz right now, because I'm not at home, but my experience has shown that its about 5-7 degrees higher?!.

If it is only jumping up 5-7 degrees at 4.2 Ghz I wouldn't worry about it. That would put your cpu temp at 75c-77c which is still fine.

It looks like your case supports a 120mm and 140mm exhaust fan so the h90 would fit as it has a 140mm rad/fan, but you don't need it, save your money.

ok thanks 🙂