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Cpu always at max speed even on idle on rog b460-h gaming mobo

Level 7
Hi, I'm new to ROG products so I'm asking for help. I recently made a medium build with rog strix b460-h gaming motherboard and i5 10400 cpu. I'm asking for your help because the cpu frequency is stuck 4.0 ghz on all cores even in idle. This is not a windows power plan issue because the same behaviour happens on other OS, so i think is bios settings related.
I've already enabled speed shift, c-states and set cpu core voltage to auto (adaptive is not available) because I'm not very familiar with voltage settings. On auto, cpu voltage always stays around 1v, even if I set on 0.870, which is also the value on auto setting.
On my previous build I used i5 8400 and asrock z370 and cpu frequency always went up and down from 0.8 to 4 ghz when necessary, so I can't understand why now I'm always running on max speed.

Thank you for your help.

Level 7
In bios, check to make sure speedstep is on. Also there should be like a cpu performance setting that can be auto/power savings/ max performance. Make sure it's on auto or power savings.