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Cosshair V formula MB, amd FX 8-core.. wont detect my speakers

Level 7
I just upgraded my PC with new AMD fx 8-core w/ the Corsshair V formula Motherboard, i got all of the ROG software installed, all drivers updated and everything seems to be working accept it will not detect my speakers? I have no sound card just going with onboard..

This is really bugging me as i cannot game without sound so if anyone can help im all Eyes and ears..

Level 40
Hey there!:)

Maybe uninstall sound driver and try a default Microsoft effort and then try installing again?..... speakrs plugged in front panel or back IO pannel?

I have the speakers plugged into the back panel to onboard sound jack(green), i plugged in the HD audio plug into the motherboard instead of AV1 plug like i used on previous motherboard, is it possible that is the issue? and how do i do a default Microsoft effort after i uninstall drivers? im unformilier

Level 40
If you uninstall the driver, when you restart... Microsoft should automatically install a default driver. The HD plugged in should be no issue but you could try removing it just to make sure...

Level 15
Have you enabled the Onboard Sound in BIOS?

Level 40
This is a stupid question but one that I have to ask. Are you speakers powered up?

My next door neighbour did this and he had me on the phone for nearly an hour trying to walk him through problem solving. In the end my daughter who was playing next door with his daughter asked why the wall switch was off? So simple did not even thing of it.
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