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Controlling cpu volt

Level 11
I just build my new pc and i use to set manual volt on my systems, but i forgot how to do it.
Since there is all new bios for hero xiii since i last had a pc.

I got this Intel Core i9-11900K that i use with turbo mode.
But i want to set the volt to a manual value, so i can lower the heat a bit for tweaking.

Where in the bios do i change the volt for the cpu only.
I can only see Volt for ram and some strange cpu option names that im unsure of.

I used prime95 and my cpu went to 5100 mhz using 1.305 volt. So i want to set the cpu for a given volt around that amount.
Can anyone help me with that ?

Level 13
I think you have to enable XMP first then you will see the multiplier and manual Vcore settings on the same page.

Super Moderator

From the AI Overclock Tuner menu select either XMP or Manual depending on your preference, then scroll down to see CPU/Cache Voltage, set this to manual and apply the desired value.
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Level 11
allright im gona try find xmp is set to xmp 2
I just had a hard time to find the exactly volt option since they are named with something vccdr cpu volt or something 😄 then there is the adaptive and what not.

I just want to try out 1,305 volt. or how do i exactly know how much to set it ?

Level 11

Here is the picture of bios.
I tryed to to set the volt to 1.305 and 1.270 but then windows 10 crashed and rebooted with BSOD..what did i do wrong ? to much or less volt ?