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Configuring Offset Mode for Vcore

Level 9
Configuring Offset Mode for Vcore
Hi Forum

Posting a new thread on this as I beleive it is a whole other topic in itself starting from here:

I have been able to obtain a stable clock of 4.7GHz at 1.385V my 4930k on a RIVBE with 16Gb of Corsair Dominator Plaitinum 2400MHz with temps in the 70c-80c range under full load.

Now that I have this value I want to change from manual to offset mode but I am having great difficulty downgrading the VCore as the multiplier drops while idling.

I have had success at 4.5 GHz with an offset of +0.02V and setting the turbo boost short duration to 230 and long duration to 200 with the Current limmited to 200. These settings were obtained from another post and im not sure how they would translate to 4.7GHz.

Anyone had experience with these turbo boost settings and offset mode?
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