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Complete audio nightmares since purchase any advice would help.

Level 7
Hi, I'm new here so I don't know if I'm posting in the right place. If not, sorry. But anyway, I have an asus G75vw NS-71 and have had costant problems with the audio. First off the sound is coming from both my headset and from my speakers(I believe just the subwoofer). I spent 3 hours last night uninstalling via drivers and re installing them and nothing is working to fix this. The via control panel and my skype audio settings don't pick up the fact that I have a headset plugged in either.

My next problem is the microphone on my headset does not work. Neither skype or via audio pics up that I have a microphone plugged into the mic deck. I have no Ideo how to fix either of these problems can someone please help?

Thank you in advance

Level 14
laptop section