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Coffee lake & support for 2666MHz RAM

Level 7
Hello, I know my question is not strictly about Asus but this is the bios that I am about to make the changes so I thought it makes sense to ask here first.

I am an extremely happy owner of an Asus ROG Maximus X Hero (I love it really) which I combined with an i7-8700k. I am not planning to OC at all (belive it or not), the only reason that I went with the k version is because I want it to have better re-sale value and the motherboard I just wanted a good board, my thinking is "if it's meant to survice OC it work perfect without OC).

Anyway, my question is regarding RAM. I paired the system with a Corsair Vengeance RGB (2 x 8GB) 3200MHz C16 and I was under the impression that coffee lake CPU's can work at 2666 MHz but to my suprice the system found the RAM (in auto) at 2133. I enabled XPM and it went to 3200 at 1.35v which is an OC for me. When I selected XMP 2666 it automatically went to 1.348v. So how can I make the system to work at 2666 MHz without any OC (1.2V)? Should I just set manually the volt at 1.2? is will be stable at that voltage? Or it's completelly 100% safe to activate the XPM and leave it at 3200MHz at 1.35v?