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Cannot get into BIOS - ROG STRX B-350f gaming, ALWAYS BLACKSCREEN

Level 7
I have DOCP set to 2667 for my 2666 RAM sticks (2 x 8GB) and I have the CPU overclocked to 3.825 stable after running the Asus stress test for a couple of hours. Everything is working wonderfully however, I am unbale to get into the BIOS on any whim. I have to reboot like 12 times before I actually see the "Hit delete or F2 to enter BIOS" . I can spam the buttons a million times and still what I will get a just a blackscreen and I can tell my monitor is picking up something because the little message that states PC, 1080p pop ups. However, it will just go straight to the Windows screen or it will just stay on a black screen. I seem to have the most success getting the BIOS message to pop up when I turn off the PC, turn off the PSU, unplug it and let it sit for like 5 to 10 minutes.

Level 7
I've only had my Strix 350f for around about a month or so and haven't quite gotten around to overclocking yet, but I would try seeing if it is possible to get access to the BIOS via the internal OS rather than having to manually press a certain key upon a restart. just my thoughts, granted I haven't searched at all as to whether or not this is actually a valid option.

Level 9
Do you have "Fast Boot" enabled in the bios ? If so try disabling it ... I had a similar issue with my Rampage IV Extreme , it would reboot so fast I had to disable fast boot in order to get into the bios on a restart.