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Can someone guide me overclock my asus rog strix rtx 3060 ti?

Level 7
I've never overclocked any gpu before and i need someone to guide me overclock my asus rog strix rtx 3060 ti via gpu tweak

thanks in advance

Level 12
Hi. Just go to the Asus support page for your graphics card. Select the driver and utilities page then your windows OS version. Then under software and utilities click "Show All". You will see different version of GPU Tweak III and one version of GPU Tweak II. I have used GPU Tweak II myself not III, but either one can be used to overclock. There is another option that is pretty good in my opinion, and that is to use the GeForce Experience software and auto-tune with that. There is an article on how to do it I just need to look it up. Take a look here: .