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can no longer change AURA settings in the BIOS after uninstalling AC

Level 7
Hello, I have a problem after having uninstalled Armoured Crate with the official uninstall tool.
My rig : ASUS GT35cg-1190kf109w

(French site)

I can no longer change the AURA settings in the BIOS (v.207), it remains stuck on the last Armoured Crate one (Dark);

Armoured Crate seems to have been completely uninstalled (No processes or services running anymore), so I don't know.
I saw another thread here, where it was suggested the settings were perhaps kept on a chip on the motherboard ?

When I got the PC, apparently AC wasn't installed. But I clicked on the icon in the taskbar and it downloaded and installed it.
What I didn't like was the RGB behavior : when AC is not installed, if you set AURA to OFF in the BIOS, you still see the rainbow effect 3 secs during boot and after it shuts off. With AC installed, it doesn't work like that anymore (I know there is also a "dark" setting but it behaves differently). I don't like RGB during gaming but the "rainbow boot effect" was cool.

Any ideas how to restore the BIOS functionnality ? It's really strange that remnants of an uninstalled software have higher priority than the BIOS.
Revo uninstaller doesn't find anything more; there are no "lightingservice" running or in the registry (one thread suggested deleting a "last.xml" or something like that, but it's not there.

And AC doesn't show in the BIOS in "advanced" > tools.