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BSOD "clock watchdog timeout" with MCE enabled on ASUS board

Level 7
Hi, i don't know if it's in the right category but here's the thing: I set MCE to enabled, and so the i5-9600k run at 4.6ghz (max turbo for one core). The thing is the second i run Cinebench i have this BSOD "clock watchdog timeout". If it disable MultiCore Enhancement, it runs just fine. Is it a problem of MCE (i read that it is a little bit unstable) or is it a voltage problem? If i remember correctly i get 4.6ghz at 1.165v (i think it's enough, and i know it depends on the chip). I am not planning on running my system with MCE, but i don't like my machine to have BSOD's like this one. Another thing is that i am not planning on do any OC because i am kind of a noob in the filed. Thanks!!!

P.S.: If i enable MultiCore Enhancement should i disable turbo boost and viceversa?
P.S. 2: I have an i5-9600k, ASUS Maximus Hero XI, 2x8gb Crucial Ballistix, EVGA GTX 1070 ti SC, Bitfenix Whisper M 750w, Corsair H100i v2, Samsung EVO 840 250gb, Samsung EVO 860 1tb.
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Level 40
MCE is an takes that one-core turbo ratio and applies it to all cores.

That error is usually a lack of maybe a slight bump in vcore is needed to run all core turbo ratio.

If you're not planning to run MCE then do nothing and revert to "stock" where the system is stable...