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BSOD 124 - Motherboard - Maximus VI Formula

Level 7
I've been experiencing BSOD for a long time now and I've had friends come and help. Originally it was BSOD 101 and 124 in which we managed to fix the 101. From there we have tried the harddrive, the ram sticks and had windows 7 formatted and reinstalled twice to see if these were the problems and the issue continues. From what I have read online and have been told. It is an issue to do with the voltage. I've been told the Vcore voltage or the Vcore ring voltage needs adjusting slightly.

The bluescreen is 0x00000124
Parameter 1 - 00000000 00000000
Parameter 2 - fffffa80 0d20e028
Parameter 3 - 0000000'be00000000
Parameter 4 - 00000000 0100110a
Driver - hai.dil
Caused by address hai.dil 12a3b

Would anyone be able to help solve this issue if possible?

Also I like to note that I am not very good with computers and can get confused on things if not explained precisely. I can relate the info to my friends who might be able to understand the process/solution if able too.

Level 40
Hi there 🙂

It would certainly help if you posted detailed system specs..

Are you overclocking CPU...setting XMP for RAM?

Those BSOD codes are associated with not enough core CPU voltage, yes. So, you could try using higher CPU voltage...

If they are still happening on a new windows install and the CPU is running at stock speeds then maybe RMA CPU

System Spec

Windows 7 Home premium
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz
Cosair RM1000
Cosair Force LS SSD ATA Device
ST4000DM000-1F2168 ATA Device
Maximus VI Formulas Motherboard
8GB RAM (Was 16 till switching sticks around to see if one was at fault)
Realtek High Definition Audio

Not sure what else to grab for the specs. With uping the voltage. How do I go about it? There are multiple options and I feel really uncomfortable touching them when I do not which one needs uping and which one needs leaving alone.

Level 40
You didn't say if you are using XMP profile for RAM....

You might like to wait to do this with someone who knows a bit about computer BIOSes....

On the "extreme tweaker" tab in bios scroll down....set CPU vcore voltage - manual mode and enter a value in "CPU VCORE Manual Voltage".

What value depends on what you are using now.

Use CPUz to read voltage at load (running a stress test if the PC is stable enough to do that)

.....when you enter manual voltage add a bit more...

Does that make sense? If not you would be best to let someone else troubleshoot for you.

Pressing F5 in BIOS and then F10 will load default values and might clear problems. Or clearing CMOS (see manual). Then start up system again.

What RAM? are those 2 kits? if so have you separated the kits properly so only one kit is in on the correct slots?