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boot or Bios Not coming up on my lg38gl950-b. please help.

Level 7
everything worked with this monitor prior to replacing motherboard. I do have a newly build computer. Had to RMA the motherboard R&R Asus x570 Crosshair VIII now I have a weird glitch. I have a LG 38gl950-b Monitor when booting up the computer the monitor goes to sleep into windows 10 starts to boot then the monitor works fine just no boot or bios capable. so I do get the the 1 beep to start the boot, then it gives me the 4 beeps. I not sure what to do. Here are my computer specs : AMD Ryzen 3950x, MB Asus x570 Crosshair VIII bios at 2206, GPU Asus1080 TI, M.2 Firecuda 1TB. 32GB trident memory @3600mhz, 1250 Thermaltake Power Supply. AIO Thermaltake cooler 360. LG 38gl950-b Monitor, so if I plug in my 27 inch monitor everything boots normal. no issues. I also plugged in a 34 inch monitor no issues, boot normal. I did try different cables display port and HDMI cables. same results 4 beeps and no bios or boot screen with logo. I did use this monitor with a different computer and boot normal. I am not sure what else to try any help would be awesome.

3/30/2020 Update tried another Monitor lg38gl950-b same results no boot up screen or shows post screen. Does this motherboard not like LG monitor is there a BIOs fix or do i need another RMA this motherboard again.