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BIOS Updating For Z87-PRO(V EDITION)

Level 7
Hi guys,

I may need to update my BIOS in the future for this motherboard and would like to know the proper way to do so. I am currently on BIOS version 1205, which is what it came with when I bought the motherboard. What has me confused is that on the BIOS download page it says, and I quote
Before using the new Intel 4th Gen Core processors, we suggest that you first update the BIOS using USB BIOS flashback, or download the BIOS updater for new Intel 4th Gen Core Processors and then update the BIOS using it.
I'm already using my CPU (4th Gen Haswell i7-4771) installed on the motherboard. So what is the proper way to install BIOS updates?

I've updated the BIOS on my older computers in the past with no confusion at all, but I wanted to be safe and ask you guys so I'll know what to do when I decide to update the BIOS for this computer. Which brings me to my next question, do you guys recommend updating the BIOS to the latest version?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the forums.

Thanks in advance!