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BIOS Chip Flashing - Maximus IV Gene-Z using a different motherboard

Level 7
Hey guys,

I'm having trouble getting a system to POST. This system uses an i7 2600K in a Maximus IV Gene-Z Mobo.
I have done tons of troubleshooting including testing PSU, CPU, removing Ram, reseating processor, new thermal paste, etc, etc.
My next hunch is a corrupt BIOS, however unfortunately the Maximus IV Gene-z does not have a dual bios, and you cannot use ROG connect to restore a BIOS on this board.

With that said, I have another system that runs a 3770K in a Maximus V Formula.
Does anyone know if its possible for me to stick the Maximus IV Gene-Z BIOS chip into the V Formula, flash the Gene-z BIOS to it, and then put it back in the Gene-Z? Could this cause any damage my to 3770K / Maximus V Formula system?

Level 12
you can purchase Maximus IV Gene-Z bios chip if you google it
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