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Bios Broadwell OC on Win 10

Level 8
As you know there is a big problem for Broadwell OC after that crap update....
I got 6950x on Rampage V E10 and I heard that you can get a BIOS from Asus that is named beta and unlocks OC.
I ask here because I can get faster reply.
Also I bought RTX, and have problem with Ray Tracing. Launching this option in Metro Exodus instantly game crash. Shadow in the tomb raider gives about 1 minut gampley or sometimes instantly crashes. Also I played Quake 2 RTX, and its the same, you play and kick into windows without message. What's wrong? I have OC but tried without, even all on Auto....
I know this tracing is not perfect but come on... tested 3 games and 3 games crashing. I know this is off topic to that I want, but maybe there is some problem with that bios or even broadwell to RTX communication.