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Beginner overclocking advice - 10900K / Z490-E

Level 7
On my second build, and looking to try a bit of overclocking, at the very least to learn more about it - and maybe get a slight performance boost as well. My expectations are managed, as I've done some research and found that my chip is SP 63 which can apparently be a bit limiting.

I've been using only manual changes in the BIOS (as has been the recommendation from basically everything I've read), no software. Am going slowly, and recording things in a spreadsheet as I go. I've been benchmarking and stress testing in XTU mostly, with a little 3dmark here and there as I find good settings.

Right now in XTU I'm at 4162 marks, at 5.11ghz and 66C highest CPU temp. No limit or throttling messages. Memory and CPU stress tests pass - had these settings for a couple of weeks and they're stable in Cyberpunk as well. After some gaming/heavier usage HWMonitor shows it can get as high as low 70sC. I've tried the super stressful tests and they push the CPU temp to 85C+, but I don't feel like they reflect the reality of how I use this machine now - although I am planning on using it for other things than gaming. Curious to see if anyone has guidance on what I could do next to improve. I know voltage is high based on what I've read - interested in managing that better (if possible given my hardware). Current settings in BIOS:

ASUS MCE: Enabled - remove all limits

CPU Core ratio: Sync all

All core ratio limit: 51

AVX Instruction core negative offset: 0

LLC: Level 4

CPU Core/Cache Voltage: Manual

CPU Core Voltage Override: 1.41V


DRAM Voltage: 1.375

Appreciate everyone's thoughts, and if I've got any incorrect assumptions let me know.