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Been working with my three new ASUS GPUs, need some details...

Level 7
I have been liking my new ASUS ROG STRIX RX 480, and don't really need any assistance with it, but my ASUS ROG STRIX 470s (I have two) I need a little help with. Long story short, I'm writing a lot of code to help me do stuff with them (I run Linux.) ASUS uses these "DIGI+" VRM controllers, which wasn't a problem on my 480 - it uses an ASP1300, which is really just an IR3567B. But the 470s both use an "ASP1106" - can anyone tell me what chip this ACTUALLY is, so I can work with it?

And for the future, is there a list of these "ASP" chips and what they really are, such that finding details on them can be simpler?

Level 7
I'd forgotten about this thread until it was brought to my attention that it seems to be one of the first relevant results returned when you search for "ASP1106." Figured I'd update this so that it may help someone not have to go through the hell I did - ASUS are remarkably unhelpful; while they don't do this on at least some of their motherboards, on their GPUs, they ensure there's absolutely no *real* identifying markings on it, hiding what part was used fairly effectively. I had to very carefully "feel" the controller out over I2C until finally, I could match it to a real part number.

If you're attempting to find the real part info of the chip which one of ASUS' "Digi+" VRM controllers was rebranded from:

"ASP1300" -> Infineon IR3567B
"ASP1106" -> Realtek RT8894A

If I remember - I'll update this thread as I find any more of these.