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"Per-Core Overclocking Setting" in Intel XTU

I configured my overclock through the BIOS, but when I was looking through the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I saw a section I don't understand. There's a section called "Per-Core Overclocking Setting" with "Ratio Limits" for each core. All the value...

gx240 by Level 7
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Is 0.01 AC/DC Load Line still recommended?

I've seen a lot of older guides say that when using adaptive voltage you should set "ia ac load line" and "ia dc load line" to 0.01, but is that still recommended for z390 boards with up to date BIOS?I think I remember reading somewhere that needing ...

gx240 by Level 7
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i76850k/asusx99-aii overclocking to 4.5 Help!

okay so im trying to overclock my i76850k with asusx99-aii moboI used this video and copied his settings and got to 4.2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h8jWBd0XL4I am trying to reach 4.5 and not sure what i need to do.. i tried changing the cores fro...

Why cant I overclock?

Im trying to overclock my i7 6850k w/ asus x99-aii mobo and when i change the cores and what not nothing changes.. im trying to get to 4.5 but no matter what i do it still stays at 3.6??

8700k temp issues

My 8700k came out of the box at 4.4ghz all cores synced @ 1.25v. I'm using a thermaltake 240mm liquid aio and i'm getting maximum 85c on some cores using Hwinfo64 while gaming. Isn't this a little high for such a low clock speed? It's still winter...

3DMARK Port Royal Ray Tracing benchmark

3DMark benchmark for those who have Nvidia RTX cards is now available if you have the Advanced version of 3DmarkMy score with following hardware and no Windows tweaksCPU 9900K @ 5.2 AVX -2 AIO coolingMemory @ 4266GPU 2080ti @ GPU +115 Mem @ +700 St...

Menthol by Level 14
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Help overclocking Z370-E and 8700K.

Hello.I have been watching videos on YouTube, read a lot of forums but at the end all I got was more confused and confused.My goal is to get the 8700K to 4.9ghz or 5.0ghz in all cores 24/7 with air-cooling (I will Delid this week). But all this weeke...

menko2 by Level 7
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