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3DMARK Port Royal Ray Tracing benchmark

3DMark benchmark for those who have Nvidia RTX cards is now available if you have the Advanced version of 3DmarkMy score with following hardware and no Windows tweaksCPU 9900K @ 5.2 AVX -2 AIO coolingMemory @ 4266GPU 2080ti @ GPU +115 Mem @ +700 St...

Menthol by Level 14
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Help overclocking Z370-E and 8700K.

Hello.I have been watching videos on YouTube, read a lot of forums but at the end all I got was more confused and confused.My goal is to get the 8700K to 4.9ghz or 5.0ghz in all cores 24/7 with air-cooling (I will Delid this week). But all this weeke...

menko2 by Level 7
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BIOS Password...

I'm guessing this is a long shot, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I recieved my laptop ROG G750JX with a preinstalled BIOS admin password; at least it says so in the BIOS. I can enter it with user privileges by leaving the password prompt blank. Once i...

Static Overclock for 9700k on Maximus X1 Hero

Hey guys. How do i setup the config for a static overclock? Not turbo boost. I want all cores running full out all the time. Old school style. I've tried every option I can find in the BIOS but i'm not having any luck. All memory settings are at JEDE...

TCP82 by Level 7
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A question about XMP

First the specs that matter: 8700k @ 4.4ghz all cores synced, asus maximus x formula, gskill trident z's 16gb(8x2). I had this computer built on ibuypower and whoever set up the bios manually set the cpu to sync all cores @4.4 and I have no idea wh...

9700K boost problem with ROG mobo

OK I know that this matter is widely discussed already but I am at a loss... Got a 9700K yesterday on an Asus ROG Z390 H Gaming with the latest bios version, dated yesterday. With default settings or auto or whatever, the CPU doesn't go beyond 3.9GHz...

iAzriel by Level 7
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The problem with overclocking Strix x99 and 6800k

Hello. 2 years ago I assembled a PC and immediately overclock 6800k 4.2ghz. Everything worked fine. After came the new Bios 1802 and beta 1902. I installed them. Now decided to overclock 6800k. I go to Bios and set the multiplier 42 and volt 1.3 save...

Love66 by Level 7
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